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3/4/19 - Smorgborg Meeting

Smorgborg Meeting

March 4, 2019

Location: STEM Center

Club Members:

Devon Rojas

Jack Bereznhov

Johnny Rivera

Chris Bustamante

Non-Club Members:

John Campbell (Smorgborg)


  • Discussed scope of involvement from club members

  • John appreciates candid conversation. He is looking to constantly improve his platform,  so he wants the club members to find good bugs and provide feedback.

  • Personal objectives from club members:

    • See how code comes together to produce an actual product

    • Get better perspective with regards to business development (e.g., funding, building customer base, etc.)

  • John opened up opportunity for club members to ask his lead developer, Shawn, questions about development

    • Better to aggregate multiple questions and ask them in a grouped manner, rather than shooting questions over one by one.

  • Discussed stack of platform:

    • ReactJS

    • MongoDB

    • GraphQL/Apollo

    • Zeit

    • Cordova

    • Github

    • CircleCI

  • Discussed Agile Development strategies

    • John utilizes the User Stories format when determining product backlog and feature prorities

    • Zenhub Chrome extension has proven to be very useful

    • Currently trying to do 1 week sprints

  • John talked about the features of Shawn that he appreciates. These are ways Shawn provides value to John:

    • Can translate ideas to code and understands product well enough to implement it

    • Can critically analyze requests and make appropriate decisions on what steps to take

      • Contrasted against outsourced jobs. Most of the time these developers will give you exactly what you ask for, even if it wasn’t what you actually had in mind.

  • Talked about how Smorgborg implements QA

    • Mainly John and Shawn’s own experience on the platform

    • Also rely on end users (there is a help & feedback option in the menu)

  • John gave an overview of the Smorgborg platform:

    • Designed for clubs and organizations

    • Eventually wants to accommodate large organizations (i.e., Chamber of Commerce orgs)

    • Mobile First

    • As you connect to other organizations, their events and activities show up on your organization’s calendar so your members can be informed

    • Ability to co-host events

    • Currently implementing a messaging feature (bare-bones version of Slack)

      • John is looking for feedback on additional features and what to prioritize

  • Devon will send Smorgborg invites out to everyone so they can begin to play around with the platform.

  • Next meeting TBD (most likely will be a Zoom conference call)

Written on 2019-03-22 16:36:53 by Devon Rojas