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3/8/19 - ICC Meeting

ICC Board Meeting

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Club Updates:

Active Minds;

Mesa Common

Education table - March 12th

Awareness and facts about mental health


Meetings Mondays 12-1

AVANZA Engagement center

Astrononomy and Space Club:

MS-201 meetings


Meets every other tuesday

Astronomy night coming up

Next Thursday -> 7-9:30pm

Fashion Club:

Knitting workshop

March 19th Tuesday


Providing supplies

Mesa Japan Club:

Movie Screening | “Departures”

Tentatively March 25th: 3pm-5pm

PSI Beta:

Participated in STEM Expo Day last saturday

Research conference in Pasadena coming up

Martial Arts Alliance:

Preparing its first martial arts lecture series

Being held in partnership with the Excercise Science department

G-101 7pm - Tonight, March 8th

Restart Scholars:

Under EOPS Project Restart

For formerly incarcerated students

Open to everyone

April 15th: 9am-2pm - Conference about programs/colleges that have similar clubs on campus

Weekly meetings: Wednesdays 4-5pm in SB-211/212

Robotics Club:

Had a speaker who talked about mindfulness

Will have another speaker the first week of April

Weekly Meetings on Fridays to go over project ideas from 2-4pm

Pre-Med Health Club:

Meetings every Wednesday from 2pm-3pm

Women-in-law Club:

March 14th: 4pm - RBG documentary



Organize a few days of speaking at various high schools in SDUSD and EUSD.

Meets every Monday from 2:30pm LRC-237


Nothing to report.

Women In Science:

Nothing to report.

Anthropology Club:

Last film of Film Festival on March 14th Thursday from 5:30pm-7:30pm | “Blade Runner Director’s Cut”


French Club:

Had Valentine’s Day fundraiser selling Valentine’s grams

Mesa Flowmo Club:

Shifting meetings to Thursday

Made juggling balls out of balloons

Wanting to do various events on campus this semester

Zion Bible Study Club:

Nothing to report

Mesa Engineering Club:

Meetings on Tuesdays, MC-151

Circuit workshop on March 15th: 10am in MC-151

Engineering Guest Speaker at workshop

Solar Turbines field trip March 29th

Written on 2019-03-22 16:37:15 by Devon Rojas